Start taking action and making choices that align with your goals.

There is an undeniable connection between food and the direct influence it has on our health. Same goes for the components of our life like joy, movement, relationships, and environments. Eating optimal foods and improving your lifestyle is different for everyone. It can give a major boost to your energy, appearance, brain function, mood, and hormone health.

It is something you can actually enjoy. Creating change doesn’t have to be miserable, and you don’t have to do it alone! Ultimately, our nourishment (food and non-food) is one of the most important pieces to our overall health, affecting the way we perform internally and externally in our everyday lives.

These programs are completely customized to YOU, because there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to health+wellness. We are all different, and I take that into account. You will be getting a completely customized strategy and the support you need to take action to apply lasting change and principles in your life to obtain the optimal health+wellness you desire, and I know that is what you want.

You will be empowered to stop making choices that are driven by the diet culture, stress, guilt, confusion and convenience, and start taking action and making choices that align with your goals. Choices that work for you day in and day out and will serve your unique needs.

know + nourish program

Know + Nourish program is a three week group program designed to provide you with education, guidance, support, and tools so you can navigate the challenges you face around food.

this is for you, friend.

this is for you if:

  • You want to to discover the root cause(s) of your health concerns and symptoms.
  • Cultivate a heart of gratitude and happiness.

  • You want to feel full of energy, joy, and health.

  • Uncover what’s holding you back.
  • Gain clarity around food, and non-food nourishment.
  • Build a sustainable lifestyle around the nourishment you love (food and non-food).
  • Learn to make choices with nourishment in mind and change your relationship with food.
  • Be empowered to positively impact others, improve your relationships, feel your best, operate at a higher level, and focus on the important things in life.

this is for you, friend.

what's included:


We’ll start with a complimentary 30 minute consultation walking through your goals and what you hope to achieve in working with me and see if we are a good fit for each other. We will take a look at your current lifestyle and nutrition, including supplements, sleep, stressors, exercise, medication, etc. From there I can determine how to best support you in getting the results you want!


You will receive a proposal of recommendations and package options for you to choose from. You pick what works best for your lifestyle and budget and we set up your a schedule and investment plan.


The initial kick-off call or meeting if local will be centered around your goals with health and nutrition, as well as uncovering the root-cause of hang ups around food or any barriers (thoughts, patterns, behaviors, habits) keeping you stuck. From there you will be provided with a simple strategy and the necessary tools to overcome them in a practical + judgement-free + supportive way. This will include your game-plan and realistic weekly + daily action steps that will best serve your goals.


After the initial session, the following sessions will be completely customized to you and centered around where you’re at in the current moment, what’s coming up for you and how I can best support you through the process. It’s fluid and changing based on your needs and goals. Consider me your go-to partner, friend, and support system on this journey. You’ll also receive a recap email after each call or meeting, summarizing any tools or tips we discussed as well as behavior-specific action items designed to get you the results you want


At the end of our time together you will have already accomplished some amazing things. You’ll have invested in yourself, learned and tried new things, and taken the road far less taken — a chance to become exactly who you want to be and live the life you want to live. You’ll be empowered with the awareness, confidence, strength, tools and strategies moving forward to continue to build the life you want, and make thoughtful, optimal choices, day in and out, that serve YOUR body, goals, and life.


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