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Hi, hello, that’s my job.

I’m Sarah Bridgeman and I help women improve and optimize their health through sustainable nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset changes as well as uncover root causes to their issues.

Gone are the days of a one size fits all approach to your health, you are a unique individual with your own unique needs! It’s my mission to meet you where you are, give you the right tools and systems so you can ultimately reach your goals and feel good!

As a Holistic Health Practitioner and someone who spent the better part of a decade navigating my own health issues,

I know first hand from my clients and my own experiences how much of a struggle day to day life can be when you don't feel well.

It’s time to stop guessing your way through your health, trying all the things, getting no results and time to start doing things that are unique to YOU.

It’s time to create healthy and sustainable changes that will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your overall health.

Whether you're..

- Discouraged by your lack of energy and motivation (not to mention your dependence on caffeine + sugar to get through the day)

- Overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and the crazy amount of stress in your life

- Frustrated by the weight you just can't seem to lose, no matter how hard you try

- Struggling with digestive issues

- Feeling confused because you just don't know where to start

- Or feeling pretty good overall but "eating healthy" has become confusing, and maybe even a chore that's taking over your life

As someone who is trying to take control of your health, I know you’ve experienced this, because I did too.

I can honestly say, I get it.

I’ve been there, my clients have been there, and I understand how these symptoms keep you feeling like sh*t, tired, stuck, unmotivated, and simply put, not the best version of you. Which is why I’m on a mission to equip and empower you to show up for yourself, eat well, and ultimately optimize your health so you can feel amazing and go out and live your best life.


I want to tell you a little bit about why I started helping women optimize their health. It wasn’t just because it allowed me flexibility. Deeper down, it was because I really wanted other women to know that there is hope and a way for them to feel better. I remember early on in my autoimmune diagnosis longing for answers, tools and support. I knew no one was going to care more about my healing than I did. I’m not sure what your situation is today.
I want to ask you ONE question:

WHY do you want to improve your health?

Think about it for a second.

Most likely, there are very real reasons. Important reasons. Goals you want to achieve, things you want to do, an example you want to set for your family.

Maybe it's getting rid of bloat and digestive issues.

Maybe it's getting off hormonal birth control.

Maybe it's because your energy is tanked.

Maybe you just don't even know where to start.

Maybe it's being equipped to fuel yourself and your family with foods that nourish your bodies.

What are some of YOUR reasons for wanting to improve your health? What is your ultimate goal?

I know there’s a bigger reason behind your plans, your dreams, and your ideas.

It's not just for the sake of it.

I’m Sarah.

When I’m not helping women improve their health or switch to safer products, you can find me hanging with my two sweet babies, golden retriever, and hubs, TEB. 

I love some good dark chocolate, obsessed with iced-coffee year around, and thrive on routine. My MUST HAVE indulgence is my once a month facial.

I ditched my 10 year corporate healthcare career to pave my own way. I was merely surviving, not thriving in a busy career that was destroying who I was meant to be.

I built my very own business from the ground up. It started with my own journey healing my autoimmune disease, then led to friends and family asking for help, and now working 1-1 with women.

In that process, I realized something - women are confused, sick, stressed, and exhausted. To be honest with you, that was me not that long ago. I've been in the healthcare industry since 2008, and I can tell you women are sicker than ever.

I knew these women could have the happiness and confidence they desired but without a customized game plan, tools, and support there was no way they were going to be able to make the changes successfully, let alone have the life they desired.

I hated seeing women feel hopeless.

That’s when I decided to continue my education and step into the gap and create a holistic health business to help women feel their absolute best.

Today, I work with the most amazing go-getter women who inspire me every day with their commitment to improving their health.

I love walking alongside them on their journey so they can step into the best version of themselves.

Now it’s your turn.

What people are saying

Do you really think you're the only one who has ever felt like there’s no hope? Think again, sister--I’ve been there, and my clients have been there.

Feeling like you need a game plan (aka, accountability, tools, resources, help)?! Then you probably do.

You’ve got a life to live, goals to hit, people to show up for. But, no big deal, right?!

Today, I work with the most amazing go-getter women who inspire me every day with their commitment to improving their health.

I love walking alongside them on their journey so they can step into the best version of themselves.
Now it’s your turn.

My bet is that you’re more than ready to make some sustainable changes for your health. So, why not grab yourself a coffee (an iced decaf americano with coconut milk for me, please!) and…

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So, you're ready for more.

Let me take a guess…
You wish someone understood what you’re going through, and would come up with a plan just for you?! CHECK, CHECK.