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What we’re eating: May 30-June 5

what we're eating

Back in action over here with a good summer time meals for this weeks what we’re eating! We try to grill a lot during the summer which makes things a little bit easier on me in the kitchen. If you’ve been keeping up over on insta–the mini pantry makeover has turned into full pantry makeover! […]

What we’re eating: May 9-15

Sometimes you just need a simple meal plan for the week. That is exactly what I opted for this week. If you’ve been keeping up on insta–we are in the middle of a mini pantry makeover. Super excited about it…honestly it should have happened a few years ago. It was pretty organized before, but now […]

What we’re eating: May 2-8

What we're eating

Hey, hey, happy May! I feel like this year is literally flying by! We are so happy to see all of the vendors out at the farmers market and all of the colorful fruits and veggies. Seriously, if you aren’t currently hitting up your local farmers market, it’s a great stop for lots of healthy […]

What we’re eating: April 25-30

Can you believe it’s basically the end of April?! Honestly, I really can’t! I hope you have been using this weird time to think about and perfect your routines at home. Maybe it’s your skincare, or de-cluttering, or getting in the habit of planning your meals. Progress is progress. If you’re new here, for dinner […]

What we’re eating: April 11-17

What we're eating

Woohoo, another week of what we’re eating! So many of you have told me you find this SO helpful when planning out meals for the week, and that is the point. I want this to be a resource to help make meals a bit easier for you! We have officially entered grilling season over here! […]

What we’re eating: April 4-10

what we're eating April 4-10

How are you doing?! Hopefully you are able to get outside and soak up extra time with your family, or even tackle that project you have been putting off! Over here, things are semi-normal, I am able to still see all of my clients because I work 100% virtual. I am very thankful to be able to show up and serve them. TEB is working from home some. It’s just weird, you know?! 

What we’re eating: March 20-27

Happy first day of spring, y’all! We’ve almost made it to warmer weather…at least here in KY! You may be struggling with what to eat or make because of Covid-19. I get it, times are weird right now.

What we’re eating: March 14-20

Hello there! Happy weekend to you! As always, you’ve come to the right place if you need some fresh and easy meal ideas! 

I can see you now, you might be all gloom and doom because your store if out of TP. I get it. At least you can (hopefully) grab some food to have on hand and get through this! 

Still having a hate relationship with my Instant Pot because it’s not making things so instant. Most things I try end up needing more time. So, there’s that. Gonna give it another go next week. 

What we’re eating: March 7-13

What we're eating

Woohoo, we are springing forward this week with the time! Super excited, obviously! That means more sunshine, so yay! 

Mixing things up a bit this week with an easy, yummy, and always healthy plan over here!

If you are new around here, our rule is always cook once, eat twice to minimize time spent cooking! It makes planning so much easier and minimizes food waste.

What we’re eating: March 1-6

What we're eating

We’ve made it to March, y’all! Which means its *almost* spring time! Hallelujah. Yes, we are totally counting down to warmer weather, sunshine, and it staying day light longer! Oh, and grilling season! So much to look forward to!

If you are new around here, our rule is always cook once, eat twice to minimize time spent cooking! It makes planning so much easier and minimizes food waste.