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Pregnancy: my third trimester

Wow, I can hardly believe I am writing this third trimester recap at 39 weeks and 6 days! Pregnancy has truly flown by for me– I know that’s not the case for some women. I also thought I’d absolutely HATE being pregnant, and now that we are at the end, I can say, for me at least, it isn’t been bad at all and I haven’t hated it. Although, don’t get me wrong, we are so ready for baby boy to be here!

Third trimester is 28 weeks and beyond.

Things on my to do list have been knocked out, which I will share below. We did some things around the house that are often overlooked to prepare for baby and ease my mind mentally! The nursery is ready, now it’s just a waiting game.

We are having a home birth, so will just ride this wait out, no plans of induction or any intervention to start labor unless medically necessary which is very slim. We fully believe the Lord will bless us with this baby at the most perfect time!

In case you missed it, check out first trimester recap here, second here with body care favs!

Also, read all about your options for the gestational diabetes screening here! 

Ok, let’s get to it:



hair, nails, and facial appointments on the books post baby

massages + adjustments scheduled post baby

rugs cleaned 

car detailed 

windows cleaned

dental cleaning 

eye appt scheduled

oil changed

air ducts cleaned

dryer vent cleaned 

made padsicles (I will put the recipe below)

made freezer meals 

organize garage 

organize kitchen 

clean out refrigerator and freezer

organize mater bath closet and vanity 

stock up on tp and paper towels

clean up computer files + desk + bookshelf


I know this list might seem excessive, this is just what I did. Take what you need, leave what you don’t. I am a huge believer that physical clutter = mental clutter and the last thing I want is to be mentally bogged down with stuff when the baby comes.



non-tox pads of choice, I used Rael in two different sizes

open up + pour on 1 tsp of witch hazel

smear on some aloe vera gel

then 3 drops of lavender oil

You will store in the freezer and pull out and put in the refrigerator as you need them for pp healing.


 Cravings this trimester?

Still loving all of the OJ. Now its all about the fresh fruits and veggies, cannot get enough! OMG, I almost forgot- ice and gum! The ice has to be almost melted and the gum has to be very minty! lol I’ve been getting the PUR brand of gum to satisfy this craving!


Any weird symptoms this trimester?

At around 35 weeks I noticed my ankles and hands were starting to get a tiny bit swollen. Unfortunately, I’ve had this going on since then as well as tingling and numbness in my hands and wrists when I sleep and they’ve been super sore throughout the day, like hurts to write! We resolved the issue at night with some wrist braces a friend gave me, seriously they make such a difference if you’re dealing with this too! Evidently it’s pretty common to have this during pregnancy with the excess fluid and blood volume!

I am SO thankful that this started late in pregnancy!


What have been your go-to clothes during pregnancy if you’re not buying maternity stuff?!

Ok, this might just be my opinion, but the majority of maternity clothes are terrible, not cute.

I’ve been wearing lots of flowy dresses from: Target, H&M, Gap, Old Navy, and Dissh– all of which I can wear pp too!

Also really love the AYR deep end shirts which you’ve probably seen me share before. Think oversized in the best way,  button down, not sloppy but put together, effortless and comfy. Timeless classics that never go out of style. Investment, capsule pieces IMO.

I’ve also lived in Lululemon this pregnancy. In my third trimester, I went up 1 size in my shorts and pants. I’ve loved their oversized tees as well!

I will say, Lake maternity pjs have been phenomenal with a growing belly– they even have easy access for nursing after baby is here too! Also LOVE their robes!

I’ve linked what I can below for you!


Why did you avoid cervical checks?

A few reasons–

They can be uncomfortable. It’s possible for the provider to break your water during this and some providers even perform a membrane sweep at the same time, often without your knowledge or consent! I’ve been very upfront and open with my OB about things I want/don’t want and he knew ahead of time that we wouldn’t be doing these! It’s soooo important to find a team of people who support you and the things you want! You can decline SO much!


How long do you plan to take off with baby?

Originally I had thought 8-12 weeks, and the more i’ve had time to think about it, there is no rush for me to get back. My clients are taken care of and know we plan to start back up at the end of August. So will probs take a full 12 weeks to soak up this new season of life, adjust to our new routine, etc! Our nanny starts mid-August so we should be good to go soon after!


What is the tea you’ve been drinking?

Red raspberry leaf tea– tons of benefits during pregnancy. You can start drinking it during your second trimester, I probably started at the beginning of my third if I had to guess! I know you’ll want to know, it taste nothing like raspberries but more so like plain black tea! Its so refreshing to me iced!

RRLT benefits during pregnancy:

  • can help strengthen the uterus and pelvic area
  • improves the effectiveness of contractions
  • contains trace minerals
  • rich in vitamins and minerals– vit C, E, and A, a variety of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus
  • improves strength of amniotic sad
  • helps tone the muscles used during labor and delivery, could help it be shorter and less painful
  • helps balance postpartum hormones
  • high mineral content can help milk come in

enough reasons for me to drink it daily! I look forward to this every day!


What freezer meals did you make to have postpartum?

I didn’t go overboard here but wanted to have a few things on hand, ready to go!

  • spaghetti made with jovial cassava flour pasta, grass-fed beef, and organic sauce with spinach and spices added. We will pair with a big green salad and AWG junk free bread when it’s time to eat it!
  • taco bake with quinoa, grass-fed beef, black beans, corn, cilantro, salsa and spices. We will add avocado or guac, salsa and siete chips when it’s time to eat!
  • chicken enchiladas made with siete tortillas, will likely pair with guac and salsa when its time to eat
  • bbq chicken, this will be easy to pair with some potatoes or top on a salad
  • energy balls with lots of protein!


Ok, I think that about sums up our third trimester! I have 4 pregnancy highlights over on instagram with tons more info too!


Thank you for being here, the constant support, love and encouragement!

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