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Maternity jeans, the good and the bad

Ok, a few weeks ago I was on the hunt to find at least one pair of maternity jeans. Just one, that’s all I wanted. To be honest, I found there to be quite a few options out there, but I wanted straight leg jeans, not skinny so that limited my options quite a bit.


I ultimately ended up ordering NINE pairs, several of the same pair, but a couple of different sizes and I ended up keeping TWO of them! I ordered from: shopbop, old navy, and abercrombie.

Of all of the ones I ordered, at least one from each style fit, however I didn’t love the fit or feel of all of them.


Let’s dive into how each of them were.



This pair, I was hesitant to order because they were low rise and I am used to wearing high rise when I’m not pregnant, but I ordered them anyway. I tried them on and walked around my house and constantly had an urge to keep pulling them up, I wasn’t 100% comfortable in them so they were an instant NO. They also were the most expensive, and way more than I’d typically spend on jeans, but I was desperate in my search! haha

If you like low rise or under the belly jeans, these would be a good option for you.


old navy


These next two pairs, I knew as soon as I opened the package they were a no because the denim was so stiff. I tried them on anyway and they did fit, they just weren’t comfortable. These were the most budget friendly of the bunch but not worth it to be stiff and itchy IMO.


Lastly, these two pairs. MY FAV! They are from the same place I like to get my non-maternity jeans and they are actually the exact same style as my non-maternity jeans. One of the pairs I kept was my normal size and the second pair I kept was a size up for they anticipated growth! Also want to add that the front pockets are REAL! They are soft and comfy, so a win/win!


Happy shopping!


ICYMI: check out the different options you have for your gestational diabetes screening here! 

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