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Pregnancy: my first trimester

It’s hard to believe we are well into our second trimester, 19 weeks as I write this. It truly does fly by. I was so excited to hear that so many of you wanted me to share everything with you, and I’d honestly love to! It’s a big part of our lives right now.

Before we get into everything, I want to say I realize the subject of pregnancy and fertility is a hard one for so many. If you are in a season of waiting, I see you and hold space for you, and praying for peace through this for you.

Let’s dive on in!


recap + questions:


How did you know you were ready to get pregnant?

Honestly, I didn’t. I’m pretty sure would have waited FOREVER. We have worked really hard to arrive at a place where things are aligned spiritually, relationally, financially, with business, with health, etc. For both of us, as individuals and as a couple. We were there so said, what the heck, let’s just see what happens, and if you know me well, that is so unlike me. The only thing I knew for a fact was that my health was 100% in check, my labs were on point, my UC was in remission, I was in the best shape of my life and felt better than ever! I do think that helped us conceive so so quickly.


Were you and TEB trying to conceive?

Yes, we had decided to start trying in August 2021 and got pregnant in September.


How old are you and TEB and how long have you been married?

I am 33 and he is 32. I will be 34 when we deliver! We celebrated our 7th anniversary back in August.


When did you find out you were expecting?

We were on an amazing vacation to White Fish, Montana in October, the week I was supposed to get my period. I missed it there and my boobs were so so sore! We had a feeling I was pregnant but had no other signs besides those two things. We arrived home that Friday and I tested at home by myself the following Monday morning, October 11th, 7 days after my missed period which made me 5 weeks pregnant. I had to wait about 3 hours for TEB to come home for lunch to tell him! I videoed it and I am so so glad I did, it was such a special moment telling him! See part of it HERE.


When is baby Bridgeman due?

We are due with sweet baby BOY early June! Which I think is SO fun and here are a few reasons why! Well, one I ALWAYS wanted a boy and so did TEB. Another reason is because we celebrate all of our boys birthdays right around the same time and I think that is gonna be a blast! Parker: April, Tim and Scout: May, and baby boy: June! SO Fun! Lastly, if I could have planned the most perfect time to deliver a baby I always thought I wanted it to be between March-June and it’s going to work out perfectly!


How are you feeling?! Any food cravings/aversions?

Weeks 8-14 I had several days of all day nausea, like all day hung over feeling. It by far is one of my least fav things I’ve experienced so far, because it really just makes you feel like crap and not like yourself at all! Luckily I never threw up, so that was good. One of the only things that helped was small meals and lots of sparkling water with lemon juice added!

Cravings: orange juice, wow so good and still is haha and chocolate milk which I made with organic almond milk + Further Food chocolate collagen! Also, couldn’t get enough fresh veggies, like give me all the veggies and hummus, and fresh salads omg! Aversions: the smell of coffee, the smell of beef, and sometimes my own food that I would cook sounded/looked disgusting.


Are you still exercising and doing the same workouts?

YES! This is one thing that has kept me mentally in check. During the first trimester I had to switch up the timing of my workouts because some early mornings I didn’t feel like it at all. Some weeks I only did 4 sessions instead of 5. I did notice early on in the first trimester that I did get fatigued quicker during my workouts. I am also still playing tennis which is so so fun! The workouts we do are called Functional Body Building– but not what you’re thinking probably. Think: look good and move well strength training. Prior to pregnancy I was doing a body re-comp and now that has shifted to grow this little babe and my main goals around my training is to maintain muscle mass, move for mobility and mental health. I have had a coach who does 1-1 programming for me since August 2020 and that has been a game changer, it’s been so nice to have her through this new life chapter.


How are you taking care of yourself during this new season?

  • working out + walking + playing tennis
  • eating nourishing foods + hydrating
  • maintaining my quiet time routine: meditation, journaling, time in the word
  • chiropractic adjustments and massages every other week (did this pre-pregnancy, just keeping it up)
  • fascia stretching once a month
  • once a month facials (also did this pre-pregnancy)
  • adjusting my schedule as needed
  • resting when I need to


Are you planning a home birth? Were you able to find a holistic OB?

We are planning a home birth and could not be more excited about it! We weighed all of our options– local hospital, Nashville hospital that has birth tubs, Nashville birth center which had a pretty high transfer rate. Ultimately, for the birth experience we desire, home birth is our best option. We unfortunately were not able to find a holistic OB. I did however establish care with the OB that my midwife recommended since he is home birth friendly and totally cool being plan b, which we appreciate so so much! For our home birth, we will be using a midwife and also have a doula, we interviewed the two of them together to make sure it was a good fit like two weeks after we found out we were expecting! Throughout the pregnancy, I will alternate appointments with my midwife and my OB.


Are you still using Beautycounter products now?

Yes! It’s safe before, during and after pregnancy! I also added in facial gua sha, i’ve been doing it almost daily since October! Check out beautycounter products HERE.

Are you using a belly oil?

My body care routine has gotten significantly longer since becoming pregnant. Let me break down what I do daily–

  • dry brush before my shower/bath
  • after drying off, I will use the Necessaire body serum which is hyaluronic acid all over
  • next, I will use either the Beautycounter hydrating body lotion or the Necessaire body lotion mixed with the Beautycounter rosemary citrus body oil.
  • lastly, I will use the Wildling body gua sha on my legs. (there are youtube videos to show you how to do this)
  • at night before bed I will use the Beautycoutner melting body balm on my boobs, belly, and hips!

I will say, I think using collagen helps with skin elasticity so so much as well as eating well balanced meals and staying hydrated! Here is a link for the collagen we love, use code: SARAHB15 to save.

You can shop all Beautycounter things HERE! And if you need help picking stuff out, email or DM me!


Any pregnancy books that you are enjoying?

Yes! We love the Mama Natural book, it’s an awesome week by week breakdown of what’s going on with Mom and baby!

Real Food for Pregnancy is great: although I have a nutrition background, the info was still a great reminder and amazing for anyone trying to conceive!

Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth: I am only a little ways into this one and WOW so empowering!


What prenatal are you taking?

If you’ve been around long you know that I don’t recommend specific blanket supplements to anyone. I am a big fan of bioindividuality and you figuring out either from labs and/or working with a practitioner to see what best will work for YOU. (this is something I work with all 1-1 clients on) With that said, I do think the prenatal I use is bomb and covers all the bases that a prenatal should. It’s amazing before, during, and after pregnancy. I started taking them about 6mo prior to TTC along with my other supplements that are individual to ME! Check them out HERE and use code SARAHB10 to save. A lot of prenatal miss the mark and this one is SO good.


Have you purchased any maternity clothes?

Luckily, I am still able to wear all of my normal clothes at 19 weeks. The only thing I haven’t tried on are my jeans because I know they will be uncomfortable.

Back in November, I purchased some of my all time fav pajamas, LAKE during their black friday sale. I also got a new robe from there for Christmas! It is not maternity but will be perfect throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

click on the images to shop!

Then a few weeks ago I purchased several swim suits: two from Aerie that are non-maternity but bought in the long option and ended up keeping the black and white one below! Returned the orange/yellow. Also purchased the black swim suit below from Pink Blush Maternity and ended up returning it as well, didn’t love the fit. So, ended up with one swim suit! Only purchasing this now because we are heading to the beach soon!

Another non-maternity item I am LOVING during this seasons are these AYR deep end tops. My mom got me one for Christmas and I just ordered another. They are a bit of an investment, but a classic basic that you’ll wear all of the time and keep for years, which I really love. Also, grabbed the french fry top which is oversized as well.

Lastly, I just went on a maternity jean hunt. I ordered NINE pairs from 3 different places and will be reporting back on what I keep/return, so stay tuned. Linked them all below for you to check out!

I am mostly living in dresses and my lululemon leggings or joggers and oversized tops because that is what is most comfortable right now!

Ok, I think that is it for the first trimester recap! I truly feel so blessed with this little miracle. I am amazed daily what the human body is so capable of, and I’m not just referring to pregnancy. Looking forward to sharing more with you, if you have any questions send them over or comment below!

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