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Favs: April 2020



In April I actually listened to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people. Truth be told…I don’t love listening to books. I like to have them in my hands so I can stop and re-read if I need to. This is a great book and I do recommend it. I want to read it with it in my hands soon!





The Grind. This episode with Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School spoke to me, omggggg.  She talks about the grind and why you shouldn’t try to skip over it and why you shouldn’t give up. She gives insight into her journey and what she went through to build a successful business.




Go follow asap. There is something so satisfying about watching people clean. For real though, they do have some great tips. (note to add: I do believe you can achieve a clean home without lots of toxins, they use toxins and I respect that and still love following them)




Ok, you might make fun of me…idc. I am VERY SERIOUS about sun protection and wrinkles, because I don’t want them. So, I needed a larger hat that was more comfortable on my thick hair!

amazon hat



Have to share the new All Bright C Serum that Beautycounter just launched. WOW, it’s amazing. You can expect:

  • even + brighter skin tone
  • reduced appearance of dark spots
  • defense agains environmental stressors + free radicals

It’s made with two forms of japanese vitamin c for an ultra-potent and stable 10 % blend + powerful antioxidants turmeric and camu camu.



And I can’t go another minute without sharing this dermaplaning tool that I got earlier in April. HOLY MOLY. I’ve used it 3 times now and my face is literally the smoothest it has been from home ever. I previously was using a tinkle and they don’t even compare when it comes to the quality. This one is far superior.  I also love that its eco friendly, you keep the handle and only replace the blade after 4 uses.

  • Removes dry, dead skin and peach fuzz
  • Smoother makeup application
  • Better skincare penetration
  • Softens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines

A must  have in any at home routine! Use THIS LINK for 20% off your order!




This SAFE waffle maker! I’d been searching for one, I found a ton, all over the place in terms of price. My main thing was no PFOA’s or other weird toxins. I went down a research rabbit hole and this one met my high standards and was only $20! Read more about PFOA’s HERE.




Some products on this page are affiliate links to products we adore! As always, we appreciate your support! ❤︎

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