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What we're eating

What we’re eating: April 11-17

Woohoo, another week of what we’re eating! So many of you have told me you find this SO helpful when planning out meals for the week, and that is the point. I want this to be a resource to help make meals a bit easier for you!

We have officially entered grilling season over here! TEB loves to grill, and I love when he does it because that is less for me to do in the kitchen!

How are you doing this week?


The plan:


Grilled chicken fajita bowls. TEB will grill veggies and chicken, and I will make quinoa and guacamole to top it with!


Burger bowls


Breakfast: eggs, turkey bacon, left over muffins from Easter!


Red lentil pasta with tons of veggies. Chopped spinach, zucchini, peppers, onion.


Leftover chicken fajita bowl


Breakfast again


Leftover red lentil pasta


Grocery delivery is back in business, praiseeee the LORD! I am so thankful! I’m sure you’ve heard me rave about it, in case you haven’t…I am a huge believer in maximizing your time. Spend your precious time doing the things you’re good at and delegate the rest!


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Tag me on instagram with your go-to meals for the week @sarahdbridgeman! Would love to see what you get and create! If you need more ideas, check out the other food posts here! 

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