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what we're eating April 4-10

What we’re eating: April 4-10

How are you doing?! Hopefully you are able to get outside and soak up extra time with your family, or even tackle that project you have been putting off! Over here, things are semi-normal, I am able to still see all of my clients because I work 100% virtual. I am very thankful to be able to show up and serve them. TEB is working from home some. It’s just weird, you know?!

Staying positive and staying in routine as much as possible. I can’t imagine throwing a child into this mix and I’m cheering on all of the mama’s out there juggling 37 jobs now.

Hopefully you are paying attention more than ever what you’re filling your plate with. Making sure to fill up the majority of your plate with things that are going to be nourishing. Think: lots of fruits and veggies, lots of greens, less sugar and processed foods. You can do this!


Our plan this week:


Buffalo chicken salad. Going to roast a whole chicken and douse it in buffalo sauce.


Taco salad with guac and siete chips


Spaghetti squash spaghetti with rao’s sauce + ground turkey, and AWG garlic bread (scroll to the bottom for my garlic bread hack). I like to make the spaghetti squash whole in the IP or slow cooker then sauté it mixed with zucchini, peppers, and onion with seasonings then put the meat sauce on top. (pictured above)


WAFFLES! I grabbed some Birch Benders Paleo’s mix to try out, I will mix some collagen peptides into the mix to add a little more protein. 


Leftover buffalo chicken salad


Leftover taco salad


Leftover spaghetti squash



Pro-tip, garlic bread hack: toast your bread, and in a bowl mix: pink salt, garlic powder, and olive oil, when the bread is done spread that mixture all over. Quick and easy!

Grocery delivery is back in business, praiseeee the LORD! I am so thankful!

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Tag me on instagram with your go-to meals @sarahdbridgeman! Would love to see what you get and create! If you need to try something new too, check out the other food posts here! 

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