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Favs: February + March 2020



Absolutely loving my new Bible. A few months ago I started a search for a new Bible which consisted of me reading a few options parallel on my iPad for a little while. The two that I had narrowed it down to was the NLT and the CSB. I was used to reading an ESV version and honestly I was looking for something that flowed a bit easier. I ended up going with the She Read Truth Bible which is a CSB version. Wow, it’s gorgeous to say the least and I am loving all of the resources and how they explain everything for each book of the Bible before entering that book.


Feb + March 2020 favs


Ok, another book I recently finished and LOVED: You Are a Badass at Making Money.It’s all about money mindset. Read it.


Feb + March 2020 favs




Monday hour one. This is actually how I’ve planned for a long time. I am someone who has to get all the things out of my head or I will constantly think about it. If that is you too, take a listen to this Life Coach School podcast episode! It’s a no fail way to get stuff done. I actually do this method on Sunday!




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These are a few of my year around favs, I seem to be reaching for them more and more these days.

Both on the pricey side, both an investment that lasts. I’m a big believer in investing in staple pieces you love!

  1. Jean jacket 


able jacket


2. my fav black leggings 

Feb + March 2020 favs


Taking it back to an OG with the charcoal mask! It’s a long time tried and true fav. Lots of benefits too:

  • purifies complexion
  • balances skin
  • absorbs excess oil
  • draws out impurities
  • gently exfoliates

Pairing a little mask action with the jade roller after is heavenly! (use code SARAHB10 to save at checkout)



This supplement case y’all. Let me tell you, I was having a hard time keeping up with my own supplements. I’ve been using this for a month or so and haven’t missed a single dose! The inside compartments come out which makes it very handy for each day if you need to put it on your desk or in your purse! I had searched high and low for one that wasn’t rainbow colored, nothing wrong with that, it just messes with my vibe honestly. I like neutrals.

Secondly, my new GREENPANS! I actually earned these through an incentive with Beautycounter. They are a safer alternative to traditional non-stick pans. Why is that important?! Well, traditional non-stick pans release toxins when overheated and used PFOAs. Not cool read more about PFOA’s HERE.

Feb + March 2020 favs


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