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What we're eating: Feb 22-28

What we’re eating: February 22-28

Happy weekend, friends! Trying something new over here! I’ve wanted a dutch oven for a really long time, and I finally grabbed one the other day when it was staring me in the face–beautiful black cast iron with a gold knob. I made our chili in it last week which was wonderful and today the new thing I tried–a whole chicken! Whoa. Where have I been, that is the best chicken I’ve had in a really long time, so tender and tasty.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging–I’ll post the recipe here soon!

The plan this week:


Roasted chicken, a big salad for TEB, and a bowl for me with quinoa, raw zucchini, tomatoes, onion, avocado, shredded cabbage, and a drizzle of dairy free ranch. 


Breakfast for dinner


Taco salad (taco’s were on here last week, and we didn’t end up having them)


Chicken teriyaki with cauliflower rice + veggies (scroll to the bottom for how I make our own teriyaki sauce)


Leftover roasted chicken, will make salads or bowls


Leftover taco salad


Leftover chicken teriyaki



Pro tip, make your own teriyaki sauce: most teriyaki sauces are full of crap to be honest with you. I make our own with balsamic vinegar, coconut aminos, and honey. I don’t even measure.

Still using grocery pickup and still loving it. I won’t ever stop talking about it! I truly believe that you should delegate and be spending your time on what you’re best at. For us, this means grocery delivery so I can spend my time with my clients or creating content for you guys!

Pro tip, save on Wal-mart pickup or delivery: click HERE to save $10!

Pro tip, save on Instacart delivery: click HERE to save $10!

Tag me on instagram with your favorite quick and easy meal ideas or your grocery delivery order, @sarahdbridgeman! Would love to see what you get and create! If you need to try something new too, check out the other food posts here! 


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