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My top travel tips

It’s no secret that we love to travel over here! Since we are traveling this week, it seems like a good time to talk about my top travel tips to keep you organized, sane, and coming home to calm! You don’t have to be a crazy person preparing for travel, in fact, it’s my hope that you head into your next destination prepared.


Before you leave

  • Clean out your refrigerator and throw out anything that will go bad while you are gone. If you have fruits or veggies that can be used in smoothies, put those in the freezer!
  • Line up someone to keep an eye on your house, get your mail + packages, and water your plants.
  • If you have pets, make their boarding and grooming appointments! Can’t leave out the fur babies.
  • Schedule to have your house cleaned + sheets changed while you’re gone. This may be something you do yourself. If so, plan to do this a day or two before you leave. If your cleaning person already came, do some tidying up yourself. I promise it’s so worth it to come home to a clean house.
  • Plan some time for errands before you leave that way you have a chance to pick up any last minute items you might need.
  • Get some cash and if your credit card requires notification of travel, call them.
  • Make a list of all the things you will need clothes and accessories for. Literally list out the days and the events in each day like this:

Monday: workout, bathing suit, lounge, dinner

Tuesday: workout, meeting, dinner


A few essentials

  • Packing cubes are a total travel game changer. I wasn’t a believer until last year when I started taking a lot of trips with only a carry on! I’ve been hooked ever since. These are the ones I have in gray. There are a ton of colors, they are durable, and hold so much.
  • Clear leak proof bags are perfect for packing toiletries and any loose items. These are the ones I have, there are six in the pack!
  • Reliable luggage. A few years ago we invested in Away luggage. In our opinions, yes, is worth it, we have two full sets and can tell that they are going to last a really long time. There are lots of good brands out there, do your research to find some that meets your travel needs.


Things you might want to have

  • Snacks on snacks because who wants to hope there is a good option at the airport?! Not me!  Yes, you are allowed to put food in your carry on. Just make sure its not liquid like water or a smoothie. You will have to pour that out when you go through TSA. Typically my go-to’s are a piece of fruit, go-raw pumpkins seeds, or maybe a bar from bulletproof or primal kitchen, or even the nick’s sticks. For more ideas, check out this post!
  • Long sleeves. It’s no fun to be cold in the airport or on a flight. Dress in layers, you can always remove one.
  • Download your podcast and meditations so you can listen to them when your phone is in airplane mode. 
  • Oils. I typically pack lavender, peppermint, thieves, thieves sanitizer, clary sage. I should have everything covered—headache, stomach ache, germs, bloating, need to chill the f out. Got it all.
  • A water bottle. One, so you don’t have to spend like $100 in bottled water, and two, well, plastic and that’s different story for another time. Most airports and hotels have a water bottle refill station! My favs are BKR, Corkcicle, and Swell. 


Before you get home

  • Order groceries! After travel, we are SO ready to eat a home cooked meal.  


When you get home

  • You are probably going to hate me for this…unpack immediately. It takes far less time to unpack than it does to pack. Handle it.
  • Start a load of laundry. You are already behind on laundry from being gone, so handle this too.
  • Hit up the infrared sauna. We all know flying can be super dehydrating, germ filled, and gross. Yuck. This will help activate and intensify the elimination of toxins. It’s also proven to be really beneficial for heavy metal detoxification, increased blood flow, and boosting the immune system’s cell activity. Helllooooo, yes please! 


Do you have any travel tips I need to incorporate?! If so, message me!


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