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Weekly dates: why it’s a priority

TEB and I have been going on weekly dates for years now. It’s something that we prioritize above almost everything else! Oh, and if you’re new here, TEB is my hubs. His name is actually Timothy Edward Bridgeman,  TEB for short.

We were on our way to our lunch date this week, and we were talking about why we do this every week and we thought it would be fun to put into a post for you, so that’s what we did!

Also, let’s be clear, these are weekly lunch/coffee dates. Nothing extravagant most of the time! This is also something that we’ve built into our budget because it is a top priority to us.


Here we go:


A chance to catch up from the week

This is one of our favorite reasons. It give you a chance to truly catch up from a full week of going and doing. We know how easy it is to overlook certain things especially when you’re tired.

Uninterrupted time together

We make sure to go outside of our home for this. That way we aren’t distracted by anything at home!

Discuss upcoming things

This is the perfect opportunity to discuss upcoming travel, expenses, throw out grand plans, etc!

Keeps our marriage top priority

When you continue to date one another, you feel really important. When you date your spouse you two are saying this to each other.

Investing in each other for the future

Each time you and your significant other go on a date, you are making little deposits into your marriage bank account. Deposits are a good thing!

It’s fun

What’s the point if it’s not fun?!

Goal check-in and accountability

If you are both working on things, having someone hold you accountable is one of the best things you can do to help you! We regularly take this time to discuss goals and hold each other accountable.

It’s something to look forward to every single week

For real, we all should always have something to look forward to!

Discuss what we’re learning in the books we are reading

TEB and I read at minimum one book every single month! We often find ourselves sharing bits and pieces with each other!

Builds a strong bond

This time together is about us. We make sure our phones our put away and really focus on each other.


This special time together every single week is something we will cherish forever! We do not have children right now, and understand that this could be hard if you have little ones. We get it, and hope you can make time to do this with your spouse! Even if it’s just twice month vs. weekly!  In fact, we challenge you to make your marriage a priority by making this a priority!

People with great marriages have great marriages on purpose. Great marriages don’t just happen. In our opinions, you make time for the things you value.

Cheers to a happy marriage!


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