Gift guide for the pup.

Gift Guide: for the pups

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These are all items that we have and use with Scout with the exception of the collars and leash! Those are for sure going on his list this year!

  1. Spiffy gray collar.
  2. The brush we’ve used on Mr. Scout since he was a little pup.
  3. A fun red ball!
  4. This is called a Kong. You can put treats inside, but we like to put a tiny bit of almond butter on the inside, and Scout goes to town!
  5. Another handsome collar! If you have a girl pup, they have pretty prints too!
  6. These ear wipeshave been so great! We use them 2x a week. Bonus, they are made with safe + clean ingredients!
  7.  A leash to match the first collar!
  8. Seat cover to save your back seats when the pup rides with you! This actually stays in my SUV at all times! Very durable.
  9. Scouts dog bed…he’s obsessed.
  10. REAL dog box subscription. This has been a great monthly delivery that we signed up for earlier this year! All of the treats and chews are single ingredient, so if your pup has any allergies, they can easily customize your box to replace those items. 

Bonus: this shampoo that we’ve been using on him since he was a pup!

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