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Gift guide for him

Gift Guide: for him

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This gift guide contains items that are all TEB approved! 5 and 6 are going on his list this year, and everything else are favs of his!


  1. THE underwear. These have  a special little pouch if ya know what I mean.
  2. Shoe trees to keep all the shoes nice!
  3. Lululemon ABC pants. (anti-ball crushing)
  4. Nikes. Actually, we each own two pair of these, so super comfy.
  5. Sleek black stainless steel coffee tumbler.
  6. What guy doesn’t like a good half zip?! This one is a really great price and so many colors to choose from too!
  7. Counterman shave regimen. TEB swears it keeps him from getting razor burn! WIN!
  8. Metal collar stays.
  9. Counterman cooling aftershave tonic. This is TEB’s fav counterman product. It minimizes after shave irritation.
  10. A place for all of the ties!

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