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Gift guide for he

Gift Guide: for her

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This was the most fun gift guide to create! All of the items on here I own with the exception of 3 that are going on my list this year!

Pro tip: throughout the year if I see something I want but don’t want to buy for myself or someone else immediately, I add it to the notes section of my iPhone to refer back to later.

  1. A french press. TEB’s says his coffee has never tasted better! We actually own two! Plus it’s a super safe alternative to using pods (that are plastic)
  2. Cozy furry slippers. I wear these non-stop
  3. THE jacket. Keeps me super warm on cold walks with Mr. Scout.
  4. A silk pillowcase to keep your hair and skin in check. Plus, it never gets hot! Praise.
  5. The most comfortable PJ’s ever. More of a luxury, but so nice. I always grab a few pairs when they are having a sale which is like 2x a year.
  6. A frother. Totally asking for this.
  7. Le Creuset dutch oven. Put this on my list last year. Didn’t get it, so asking for it again!
  8. Counter+ Skincare Favorites. Give your skin-care regimen a boost with our new Lotus Glow Cleansing Stick and three of our high-performing treatments.
  9. The polished Jarsare SO super chic. A few months ago I grabbed one for our kitchen, and now I want one at every sink in our home!
  10. A new water bottle is always a great gift, especially when it’s as pretty as this one! Going on my list!
  11. The ultimate gift that keeps on giving, The Big Berkey water filter. Read this post on why it’s important!
  12. The best curling iron i’ve every used.
  13. Yes, i’m all about that packing cube life. ESPECIALLY, for a carry on and long trips!
  14. The balm that basically does it all!


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