Image of October 2019 favs

Favs: October 2019


This book came highly recommended by several friends! It was a good one! Took lots of notes!

Image of the book Start with Why




The Life Coach School is one of my all time fav podcasts, and I’ve shared fav episodes on here before. This one is titled Success Fun. Sometimes we forget that life is to be fun, and that we are supposed to actually enjoy what we do! Click HERE to listen or download for later.


Recently, I have branched out and joined Costco and started getting Wal-Mart grocery delivery. Target is my place, but let me tell you, I’ve been super impressed with Costco and Wal-mart! So, love following these three accounts to stay in the know about these three stores and what they are offering!






If you didn’t know, I basically live in sweatshirt in the fall/winter. If they are cute, even better! Found this super cute and super soft gray (of course) sweatshirt at Target! It runs TTS, and is so cozy! It comes in three colors!


Image of girl in gray sweatshirt



Beautycounter’s holiday collection has launched! So far, my fav set is the pout perfecter! The lip polish is a scrub with peppermint to take away the dead/dry skin on your lips and it leaves them so soft and plump! Also, really loving the balm that comes in the set!


Image of pout perfecter beautycounter set



Ok…have you ever had coffee out of a french press?! We have been using a french press for a several years now, wow. It taste amazing! We made the switch to a french press because we learned more about the keurig pods and how they would heat up and leach the chemicals from the plastic into the coffee, not to mention the actual keurig is plastic, and that heats up too. So, it was a no brainer! It was a great trade off though, because the coffee taste SO good!


image of Sarah Bridgeman pouring coffee

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Fall is in full swing over here! With a new season comes new recipes and foods! There are different things in season, and we start to crave different foods! Pretty cool to think about!

ICYMI: download the Fall Produce Guide here. Actually, it contains much more than that…so be sure to click the link and save it to your phone to refer to! Even a bonus recipe, maple balsamic brussels sprouts! 

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12 tips for eating healthy on a budget

You may be new to eating healthy, or you may be new to trying out the whole budget thing! High fiving you all the way from Bowling Green, Kentucky! You may even be new to all the things, that’s cool too!

We all have to start somewhere, and you probs know by now that cooking healthy foods at home is one of the key pillars to a healthy lifestyle. Eating well can come with it’s own set of challenges like accessibility and affordability!

What we fuel our bodies with really does matters! That said, there are some great ways to save some precious time and money. That’s why I’m sharing 12 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget! 

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What we’re eating: November 10-15

Coming at you a few days late! I got home late Friday night from traveling all week, and placed our grocery order Saturday AM and couldn’t be more thankful for grocery delivery! It makes things so much easier over here! I mean, what even is 2019?! We have access to so many things to make our lives easier! All the praise hands.    

If you’ve been on the fence about grocery delivery or pickup…look at it this way, you could be growing your business or doing something that you are good at during the time you spend at the grocery. Delegate and leverage your time!

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