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image of fall salad

What we’re eating: October 19-25

Ok, burr. Fall is here. Fall in Kentucky last like 3 days, then Winter hits! Switching things up this week with our fall food! As always, cooking once and eating twice. Simple, quick, and yummy food is the name of the game for us!

Making smart choices with our food is one of those things that is easy to do and easy not to do. I get it, it can sometimes be confusing! It can be overwhelming and literally the last thing you want to do. Hopefully the What We’re Eating series helps take the burden out of food planning for you! Honestly, y’all, more than half the battle is being prepared! That’s basically a key to life…being prepared.

Over on instagram stories this week I shared about my recent grocery delivery from wall-mart! I saw a friend post that they had started carrying an item I wanted. So, I decided to give their grocery deliver a try. Total success. They arrived on time, had all of the items I needed except one, and they don’t have that added mark up on the groceries that is hidden! So, win win. I do think grocery delivery/pickup is such a time saver. You could be working, and doing other things. Grocery delivery allows you to maximize your time. Yes, please! We are all about maximizing over here!

On to the good stuff…



Chicken stir fry


Taco bowls: adobo seasoned cauli rice, ground turkey, sautéed peppers and onions, we will top with salsa or guacamole


Kale salad with sweet potato fries. In the salad: kalamata olives, tomatoes, bell pepper, go raw pumpkin seeds, avocado, hemp hearts, tossed with balsamic vinegar and tuscan herb olive oil.


Leftover chicken stir fry


BLT’s with AWG bread, order it here. P.S. buy more than one loaf! We will use turkey bacon, and avocado too. I will make an egg for TEB’s!


Leftover kale salad and sweet potato fries


Leftover taco bowls


Pro tip, stir fry: this is a dish that is really easy to make healthy, and SO quick. Grab the cole slaw mix in the lettuce section as well as frozen peas/carrots. Also, make your own sauce with coconut aminos, maple syrup, and ground ginger! Super easy! I will cube the chicken with kitchen shears and  it before mixing in with the other ingredients!

Pro tip, save on Wal-mart pickup or delivery: click HERE to save $10!

Pro tip, save on Instacart delivery: click HERE to save $10!

Tag me on instagram with your favorite simple fall meals or grocery deliver order, @sarahdbridgeman! Would love to see what you get and create! If you need more dinner ideas, check out the other food posts here! 


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