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Favs: September 2019


Well, in September, I may have read one of my top 5 favorite books. The Magic of Thinking Big spoke my language. If you are in the market of growing, changing, evolving, leading a team, selling a product, this book is for you.


Image of The Magic of Thinking Big




Craig Groeschel is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. This month I listed to one that was so simple but so profound, Six Steps to Your Best Year of Leadership, Part 1. It really resonated with me. Before you ever start talking about what you want to do to make a fresh start, the first thing to know is who you want to become. Craig explains steps 1-3 in this episode.



The food babe, also known as Vani Hari. She is a huge advocate for transparency in food, and most recently has petitioned Kellogg’s to stop selling artificial ingredients (which I happily signed) I’ve followed her journey for years. She shares TONS of valuable info, and you will find some quite alarming! Give her a follow here! 



I’m a sucker for a good sneaker! I got these this summer, and i’ve been waiting to pull them out. (it’s still basically 100 degrees in Bowling Green, KY and fall isn’t really in sight yet) But, soon, I will be pulling these babies out!  Get them here!  P.S. size down a half size!


Image of leopard sneakers



You may have heard of my love for regular facials! I see my esthetician once a month. I hear you when you say, you don’t have time, you want to save money, etc! I HEAR YOU! So, lets talk about my tried and true at home facial. It’s the best way to maintain a glow from home! Read more about the step-by-step process here! 


image of beautycounter products



You may have seen me raving about this on my stories. Ok, I’m going to go ahead and say that this is THE BEST grain free, bread i’ve ever had. I found AWG Bakery on Instagram, and I and so thankful! I have since signed up for their bread club and get it auto-shipped! Yay! Even TEB says the bread is bomb! Check their site out here! P.S. it is all the things free:

Grain-Free | Gluten-Free | Organic | Non-GMO | Vegan | Paleo

Image of AWG bakery bread

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