Favs: August 2019


Around here, we always have a book on rotation. TEB and I typically read a lot of the same books, which is nice because, we are on the same page with growth and bringing value to others. Most recently, we both read The Law of Attraction. It’s the science of attracting more of what you want, and less of what you don’t! It really makes you think differently which attracts the things you want in life!


Image of Law of Attraction book




This episode of Entre Leadership was great. It’s an interview with Olympic athlete, Ryan Hall. Listen here. 


image of entre leadership podcast




Meet Hillary Perryman! She is THE budget boss and money growing mama! For reals, she has the BEST budget tips and practical ways to save and grow all the dollars! On top of that, she’s super funny and relatable! I like her no BS approach to tackling debt, saving  money, and her motivating + inspiring content! Go give her a follow @hillaryperryman_


Image of Hillary Perryman


Recently ordered some items from ABERCROMBIE! Y’all, they’ve stepped up their game! The quality is good, fit is good, price is good. All W’s in my book! I got THIS white cami, it’s super versatile and a great fall transition piece to put under sweaters or jackets! Best of all, you don’t have to dry clean it!



Image of tank.


There are two natural deodorants that I will recommend, one of them being Primally Pure! Besides the fact that Primally Pure deodorant actually WORKS, their commitment and transparency to using safe ingredients is what’s really important to me!

Often times conventional deodorant contains ingredients that are detrimental to our health. There is no place for aluminum + fragrance in deodorant to name a few!

P.S. Save 10% on your Primally Pure order by clicking HERE and using code: SARAHB10 at checkout!


Image of primally pure deodorant



Ok, I’m willing to say these might be the best purchase of 2019. I have been on 12 flights in the last month, and these have made packing and travel SO EASY. Plus, they fit into my suitcase so nice and neat! It’s time to get on the packing cube train, y’all!


Image of packing cubes


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