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What we’re eating: September 9-14

Back with this what we’re eating series after lots of travel recently! When getting back in the groove of things after being out of town, there is nothing that helps more than a list! Queen of lists over here. I actually took my grocery list notebook with me so I could work on our menu on the flights home from Hawaii! We are going to have some favs this week! As always, simple meals with simple, real food ingredients!

So, this weeks dinners:


Taco salad: Spring mix with ground turkey, avocado, purple onion, tomatoes, salsa, and a little tesserae’s ranch!



BBQ Chicken bowl: I will make bbq chicken using this Primal Kitchen Golden BBQ sauce (no sugar or weird ingredients), with roasted sweet potatoes, zucchini and squash


Lentil bolognese: I will make enough ground turkey on Tuesday so all I have to do is cook this organic lentil pasta which will be super fast. We like the organic pasta sauce from Aldi, or Rao’s.


Leftover bbq chicken bowls



Dinner with friends, we are doing a taco bar! So we will have all the things: chicken, grilled fajita veggies, lettuce, tomato, onion, guacamole, salsa, cashew queso, siete chips and tortillas!


Pro tip, sauces: Be very careful when choosing sauces like BBQ, or salad dressings. Often times they contain soy, fillers, high fructose corn syrup, and other nasty ingredients that are going to derail you!

Pro tip, dinner with friends: we are having dinner with like-minded friends which makes dinner really easy. Never be afraid to ask friends to stay in for dinner vs eating out! It makes the food part so much easier, plus you can enjoy each others company in the comfort of one of your homes!

Tag me on instagram with your simple meals, @sarahdbridgeman! Would love to see what you create! If you need more dinner ideas, check out the other food posts here! 


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