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My Journey with Clean Products

Since 2009 I’ve struggled with Ulcerative Colitis. It’s been a very long journey to truly figure out what triggered flares, and how to heal with food and lifestyle changes. I have always considered myself a healthy and informed person, but it wasn’t until I was faced with an autoimmune disease at 21 years old, that I knew absolutely nothing about that I realized something had to change. Enter my journey with clean products!  I had changed my diet. But, I knew environmental factors are triggers for autoimmunity–so cleaning up everything I could control was a constant goal of mine. I became obsessed with it. Because, you can’t unknow something.

Once I had learned the toxins I had innocently been exposing myself to on a DAILY basis were terrible for my overall health and wellness, things had to change all around, it became my mission. I was so confused, mad, and eager for change. How could companies be allowed to sell products that are harmful to us?!  

Fast forward to early 2014, a friend introduced me to Beautycounter. I started replacing my products and makeup, a few every month. I loved the mission of Beautycounter to Get Safer Products into the Hands of Everyone. And I was sold on the performance of the products. Because, I love good, quality products…I wasn’t going to settle for crappy performance. Not happening. I didn’t have to sacrifice performance or safety with Beautycounter.

By October 2015, I had to get involved. I had learned so much and wanted to share it with everyone because we all deserve SAFE products whether they are Beautycounter or something else. If I had been mislead, what about everyone else?! I had assumed the beauty industry tested everything and was looking out for me. NOPE! So, I decided to join as a consultant that month.

I knew better, and I had to share it with others. I love that with Beautycounter I get to help EDUCATE consumers about the importance of knowing what they are using on themselves and their families every single day, and being able to help offer a high performing and convenient SOLUTION with products for all family members, and ADVOCATE for more health protective laws in the beauty industry at the federal level.

I really believe all the small changes like this add up and make a huge positive impact on our overall health.

Here are some tips for cleaning up your own personal care, beauty, cleaning products. You can do a total purge of your home and toss all the crap at once, or you can replace products with safer options as you run out of products. This is what I did when I first started cleaning up my routines. I would replace a couple of products every single month. Replacing them with something significantly safer. These are small,  very small, obtainable changes that will helped create a healthier environment for me and my fam.

Obviously I love Beautycounter, but there are other brands out there doing so much good! I love supporting companies that are doing better.


Five affordable non-toxic solutions for your Body+Home



 Easily accessible.  I like to pick this up at Aldi. So many uses–moisturizer, hydrating mask, hair mask, makeup remover, plus you can cook with it!



This is a great option if you are sensitive to coconut. I love to mix this with lemon essential oil to polish stainless steel. It alone is great for polishing wood. Another one you can cook with.



Helps cut water stains and increases shine. Perfect to rub in your sink and on your faucets. I also love to add fresh lemon to my water frequently.



Perfect non-toxic scouring agent for scrubbing sinks, bathtubs, and shower floors. Also a great veggie wash. Read more on that here.



One of nature’s best antibacterial and antiviral agents. So many uses. Mix one part vinegar to three parts water for a simple countertop spray, or pour ¼ c in toilets for and effective routine cleaning. You can also pour ¼-½ c in the washer with towels to fluff them up a bit! My most favorite way to use vinegar (you can use ACV for this too) is to wash my fruit/veggies with it–pour a couple of table spoons (I never measure)  in a large bowl with fruit and veggies, fill with water and let soak for at least 10 min. This helps clean and remove toxins and pesticides.


Do know that your little choice every single day add up! Control what you can control. If that means making one safer choice per month, that’s awesome and I’m here for it!

If you have any questions or ever need safe product recommendations, please reach out! I love helping you guys make the switch to safer one product at a time!

There are lots of resources HERE for you, including discount codes on safer nail polish, deodorant, tampons, and cleaning products!

Cheers to a healthy future!

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