Favs: July 2019


Y’all know I love a good leadership or personal development book, and oh my goodness, I’ve found a gem. This month I read The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell. Whoa, did it deliver the goods. Seriously, I took notes on every chapter, and know I will be referring to it often. It’s a very easy and quick read with VERY practical + achievable advice. Check it out here.


Image of the book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth




This episode of Entre Leadership was AMAZING. Like listen to it multiple times amazing. It features Art Williams and he talks about How to Accomplish Impossible Goals. Listen here. 


image of entre leadership podcast




@mindbodygreen is a great wellness instagram to follow for inspiration, recipes, health articles, etc! It’s always positive and uplifting, so totally my vibes.



2019 has been my year for up-leveling my PJ game. I’m talking got rid of all the dingy old tee’s and invested in some quality matching pj’s! Yes, it’s been quite the investment, but TOTALLY worth it. I feel like it really does set the tone for bed time and helps me to relax and unwind! Oh, and trust me, your hubs will totally notice! TEB recently made the comment that he loves my matching pj’s!

So, my two favs…this set from Target, and this set from Lake. I have multiples of each, and they both wash up VERY well. I always wash them together on gentle and put them on our drying rack! The Target ones are super budget friendly, and the Lake ones are more of a luxury set, perfect for a birthday or Christmas list! If you have a pajama brand you love, send it my way!


Image of Lake pajamas



After several unexpected nights in the hospital, these Beautycounter makeup wipes saved me. I’ve never been a huge wipe person at all, but let me tell you, they are an instant pick me up to freshen up, or even take a full face of makeup off. I keep these in my purse for after the sauna too, they are perfect to wipe the sweat away on your body as well!

They feature a naturally derived micellar formula, each super soft wipe traps makeup, dirt, and impurities, then gently whisks it away with no need to rinse. Aloe Vera delivers hydration, while cornflower water soothes delicate skin.


Image of beautycounter makeup wipes



These jars. Use them for literally everything. Granola, berries, peppers, nuts, seeds, you name it. They are good for almost everything and utilize the vertical space in your pantry and refrigerator! Win!


Image of three jars with toasted coconut granola

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