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What we’re eating: July 6-12

Back to basics over here for what we’re eating this week! I needed the guess work taken out of the grocery list this week since I used Instacart! The only thing I hate about using it is that sometimes they are out of items and I have to go back a few days later. I guess that could happen if I went on my own too. I will say, my shoppers always call with questions,  and are awesome about picking produce exactly like I instructed them in the notes! So, let’s get to this weeks basics over here!



Dinner with TEB’s mom!


Cobb salad with crockpot chicken, turkey bacon, tomatoes, onion, pepper, avocado, egg on TEB’s, olives for me! I will make homemade honey viniagrette dressing!


Red lentil pasta with tons of veggies: spinach, peppers, and carrots tossed in marinara sauce

(I love this pasta because it’s full of fiber, I buy the tolerant brand!)


Turkey burgers with no bun and homemade sweet potato fries


Cobb salad again


Leftover red lentil pasta


Leftover turkey burgers, I will reheat the fries in the oven, and they will be perfect!


Pro tip: If you have a meal you can cook in the crockpot, do it. This week I plan to put the chicken in the crockpot for our cobb salads.

Another tip: Batch cook things like sweet potato fries so all you have to do is reheat them vs chopping, waiting for the oven to preheat, and then cooking them! They reheat in the oven super quick!

Save: If you’ve never tried Instacart before, you can save $10 off your first order by clicking here! I don’t use it every week, but it’s super nice those weeks you are stretched for time!

I recently made this toasted coconut granola, and it’s been a huge hit in our house! You could eat it alone, use it on top of your smoothie bowl, or even yogurt! Hopefully my back to basics menu will give you ideas for meals this week!


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