10 Productive Things To Do on a Sunday

Monday seems a lot less stressful when you have a productive Sunday, right?! My answer is YES! I find that having a productive Sunday sets my week up for success! It basically gets my game plan for the week going on a strong foot! So, here is my go-to list of 10 productive things to do on a Sunday!

Pick and choose what works for you and your lifestyle, but know that come Monday, you will be ready and prepared! In fact, maybe you won’t hate Monday’s anymore!


Brain dump

1. Get everything out of your head and on paper! Reflect on the week or month. What is working? What needs to change? What goals do you have? Nothing is off limits here!

Plan your week

2. This is crucial for me. If I am rolling into Monday without a plan, it’s not pretty. See what meetings and deadlines you have, and plan accordingly.

Batch cook something

3. While you are planning your week out, decide what meals you will have each day, and if you will have any events out where you won’t need a meal at home. Throw something in your crock pot to have for dinner on Sunday and again another night! My rule is always cook once, eat twice. Read more on how I plan our meals out here.

Schedule workouts

4. Book classes or workouts with a friend and put them in your calendar! This will be your accountability!



5. idk about you, but I hate waking up on Monday and realizing there are 3 piles of laundry to be folded, plus one still hanging out in the dryer. Put a podcast on and knock out that laundry pile. Honestly, this is my least fav thing to do, but it’s so much easier with a podcast!


6. Do you ever play that game where you set the timer and see how much you can get done?! Maybe I am the only one. I like to set a timer for 10-15 min. and go around my house and put things in their homes! This typically only takes me 10-15 min because we typically stay pretty tidy around here! This could be going through the mail pile, taking that stuff to the car that has been sitting by the garage door, or even vacuuming and wiping down counters! Use this time for whatever you need it to be!


Run and unload the dishwasher

7. So you are ready to go after dinner on Sunday and ready to start the week fresh!


8. this can look like different for everyone. After you get all the things you want to do finished, take a nap, take a bath, do an at home facial, or even go for a walk with your fam! If you’re needing a pick me up, this charcoal mask and resurfacing peel are my go-to’s for an at home facial!

Get your clothes out for Monday

9. If I can save some time and not have to think about something, sign me up! If you are a super early riser like me, the last thing I want to figure out at 5am is what workout clothes I am going to wear. Having them already laid out in my closet allows me to get dressed quickly and get my meditation in before heading to the gym for a 5:30am workout.


Go to bed early

10. You’ve heard me say it again and again, SLEEP IS KING. We can perform at our best+have mental energy when we get a good nights rest.


Spend the day off social media and see how much you can get accomplished, I can almost assure you it will be way more than 10 things! Plus, it’s super refreshing!


What else do you do to prepare for your week? I’d love to know!

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