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Favs: May 2019



Back in October I read about half of High Performance Habits. It got a little heavy, and it was best I come back to it another time. That time is now! I picked up where I left off and timing for me is much better! It is a great book and I am learning new habits to help propel my business and life.


image of high performance habits book



Tony Robbins, 30 Minutes for the NEXT 30 Years of Your Life. 

RISE podcast: How To Overcome The Fear of Failure.

The Life Coach School: Why Change Is Hard.

 The School of Greatness: Tony Robbins, The Icon.

These are all links above so you can click on them to save for a time when you are needing something to listen to!




@yung_pueblo has inspiring and motivating posts. I have post notifications turned on for his posts so I can get a daily dose of inspiration! He also has a book called Inward, you can check it out here. 

Image of quote by yung pueblo



If you’ve been around long at all, you know I love the brand, ABLE. They have the cutest staples. Plus, I talked about my ABLE leopard mules in my April Favs post last month, you can read that here if you missed it! This month, you need to know about the best jean shorts ever. They aren’t too short or too tight around your legs, in fact, they are perfect. Get yours here.  Oh, they are TTS and worth the price, trust me. I love this company and what they are doing, another purposeful purchase!


image of three women wearing able cutoff shorts





Beauty by Earth self tanner wins this spot on the May favs by far. If you haven’t heard, I’m obsessed! I did an entire run down of my safer self tan routine HERE. You’re gonna want it! Super easy, and it lasts! Grab yours here.


self tan, the safe way




Every home needs a good blender to make all the things with! Ours is by far the most used kitchen item we have since we make smoothies on the reg. We love our Ninja, and have had the same one since we got married in 2014! This is an upgraded version of the one we have!


Image of ninja blender and two cups


Shop the post below!


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