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High Vibes

If you’ve been around long, you know that there is absolutely no time for bad vibes over here. Coming into a new year can always be refreshing and overwhelming at the same time. You feel me?!

So, here are some of my instant high vibe essentials to help keep you on track and give your life a boost in the right direction! 




Drink lots and lots of it. Get yourself a reusable stainless steel or glass bottle, my favs are linked below!  Water is an essential life-source and needed throughout your body for so many things. I have said it time and time again, it makes your skin glow! Yes, please.



Choose foods that make you feel energized+vibrant+beautiful. Always choose unprocessed, REAL food. Yes, organic is best in most cases. But, if that is not an option or accessible, non-organic is better than processed. Good food=good mood. What you eat not only has an impact on your well being, but also your skin!


Sue Alex-5


Positive People


Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. If you are surrounding yourself with negative people or people who don’t support your visions+goals+dreams…they’ve 100% got to go. Drop ’em like they’re hot–they are serving you absolutely no purpose if they aren’t helping you be your best self. Real winners pull for each other and cheer for you! 




There are so many things that you could slow down, and take time to do each day. Routine is necessary for me, and some of my favorite self-care rituals are my daily breakfast smoothie, morning meditation (still very new to me, 23 days strong), my skincare routine, daily movement, dry brushing+a long bath. These are all wonderful rituals that make you slow down and bring awareness to the small things. You could do journaling+devotion+morning quiet time with your tea/coffee. There are so many things that would be good for your mind+body+soul and overall vibe. Find something that works for you, and make an appointment with yourself. You deserve it! 




Find a source of movement that you enjoy and do it a lot. Endorphins are a real thing, y’all. They literally make you feel SO damn good. Seriously, like a drug. Once you get going, you will crave the way you feel so much that it will be a part of your daily lifestyle.




Write them down+tell someone who supports you. This will give you something to work toward and you can visualize yourself achieving them. Don’t forget to take action though–that is key. Winners dwell on the rewards of success rather than the penalties of failure. What is the worse thing that could happen?! Get after it, girl! 


Personal Development


Do something every day to grow your mind. That could be reading a chapter out of a book, or putting a podcast on during mindless tasks, or investing in yourself through a course. Just do it. Check out my November or December Fav’s post to see some podcast recommendations! Linked below are some great books to help move your life forward. I’m currently reading The Slight Edge.


Plan your week


Write down your activities, either in your cell phone calendar or a physical planner. This year I gave up a paper planner and use my Google calendar and my Daily Deposit. My friend, Macy created the Daily Deposit and it’s perfect. There is a spot for Gratitude, Personal Development, Game Day List, Affirmations, and a Notes page. I love having a place to write everything down and mark it off.  I like to take a look at both my phone and Daily Deposit on Sunday to make sure everything is mapped out and things are planned for the week: appointments, events, business activities, meetings, dinners, etc. This ensures that you are very intentional with your time.


Daily Deposit

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