Gift guide: stocking stuffers

lip gloss | toothpaste | jade roller | polish | lip conditioner | tongue scrapper | hair clip | swell bottle | bkr bottle
body bar+balm | chocolate | hand cream | thongs | hair ties | lint roller | charcoal mask


Ok, stocking stuffers might be my favorite thing to open on Christmas morning! Let’s face it, most people hate buying stocking stuffers and usually just grab crap last minute! I think they are super fun. You have the opportunity to put some really great things in someones stocking! Here are some of my favs! I have everything on this list and love them all! In case you missed it, see whats on my Christmas list HERE.

Lip gloss–everyone loves a good non-sticky safer lip gloss. My go to shade: bare shimmer.   Need to buy for multiple people or want to keep one yourself?! Grab this three pack of neutrals.

Davids Natural Toothpaste–by far the mintiest toothpaste and oh so refreshing minus questionable ingredients.

Jade Roller+Gua sha tool–good for way too many things to name, I like to keep mine in the refrigerator and use first thing int he morning to de-puff under eyes. The gua sha tool is great for pushing toxins out of your face and giving you a nice glow. The jade roller is also great for product penetration.

Cote Nail Polish–my fav safer nail polish. Formulated without 10 of the most harmful ingredients most nail polishes are made with. Clean beauty for the win.

Peppermint Lip Conditioner–everyone needs this. One for your purse, nightstand, gym bag, desk, and car. You cannot go wrong with this gift. And if you aren’t into peppermint, there is this calendula one too!

Copper Tongue Scrapper–great for removing bacteria from the mouth, enhances taste, promotes general tooth and gum health.

Sturdy+cute hair clip–people always ask me how I only wash my hair 1x a week. Along with my fav silk pillowcase, this another one of my secrets. I wear my hair up on my head in this clip every night. Maybe I will do a full post on this.

Chic water bottle–you can’t go wrong with either of these. Eco friendly and cute. Win. The Swell bottle is made of stainless steel and the BKR bottle is glass!

Body bar+balm–aka vacation in a box. Smells like Maui, I kid you not. The scent is Manoi, which is made from soaking Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil. Um, what?! Literally the best smell ever.

Living Raw Chocolate–something EVERY chocoholic needs to know. They also have bomb grain free granola!

Hand cream–absolutely love this 3 pack, you can split it up and even keep one for yourself. Featuring that amaze Manoi again! (I will be keeping it for myself!)

Hanky Panky thongs–only the best ones out there.

Teleties–hair ties. They make small and large. I like both sizes for different things!

Retractable lint roller–who doesn’t need this?!

Charcoal mask–2x a week to keep my skin in check. Something everyone could work into their routine. Formulated without harsh ingredients lots of masks are made with.


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